This guide provides a brief intruduction to Git and GitHub.



You almost certainly have it already. If not,

Debian-based (like Ubuntu):

sudo apt-get install git

Red Hat-based (like Fedora):

sudo yum install git

Note: I haven’t used Fedora in many years, so double check that.


If you have a Mac, you must use Homebrew. Then installing git is easy:

brew install git

It’s a good idea to update brew and your brew packages first:

brew update
brew upgrade


Download the Git for Windows installer from Git’s official downloads page and run it. Then you’ll also have git-bash, which gives you a Bash shell – a superior alternative to cmd or Power[sic] Shell.

Single-User Usage

Coming soon …

Git and GitHub

Git is a distributed version control system. GitHub is a web application that provides a nice interface for remote repositories.

More to come …