Getting Started

NOTE: At many points in these instructions you are told to open the "Command Prompt"/"Command Line" (Windows) or "Terminal" Mac OS X/Linux. You will be using this program a lot throughout this course and you should get familiar with it and it is reccomended that you pin it to your taskbar/dock. On Windows to open the Command Line open the start menu and search for "cmd" then click on the Command Prompt. On Mac open the Applications folder, then open the Utilities folder, from there you can open the Terminal application. On Linux the Terminal can by opened with the keyboard shortcut "ctrl-alt-t".

NOTE: For Mac OS X, these installation instructions rely on the software Homebrew. Open the Terminal and copy, paste, then run the command from this website to install Homebrew.

Some of these things are listed under other headings below, but this is a step-by-step checklist to get started in CS 1331.

  1. Install Java.
  2. Install Gradle.
  3. Choose and install a programmer's text editor.

Installation Troubleshooting

Getting Help