CS 1331 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming


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Course Description

CS 1331 teaches students how to develop object-oriented solutions to computational problems. Students learn fundamental concepts of object-oriented programming, basic object-oriented design principles, further develop the programming skills learned in previous courses, write medium-sized object-oriented programs in a modern programming language, and – as the first course required for computer science majors and minors – get a deeper introduction to the field of computer science.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course students will be able to define, describe and recognize examples of the principles of:

Students will also be able to write, debug and predict the behavior of programs that use these principles in programs composed of up to 20 major abstractions (e.g., classes) in up to 20 source files.



Grade Cutoffs: A: 90, B: 80, C: 70, D: 60


Bi-weekly homework programming assignments, three in-class written exams, three in-class programming quizzes, and an in-class written final exam.

Academic Integrity and Collaboration

We expect academic honor and integrity from students. Please study and follow the academic honor code of Georgia Tech: http://www.honor.gatech.edu/content/2/the-honor-code. You may collaborate on homework assignments, but your submissions must be your own. You may not collaborate on in-class programming quizzes or exams.

Due Dates, Late Work, and Missed Work

Grade contest

To contest any grade you must submit an official regrade form to the Head TA within one week of the assignment’s original return date. The original return date is the date the exam was first made available for students to pick up or the grade was posted online in the case of homework assignments and programming quizzes.

Class Participation

Lecture attendance is required. Some information may be presented in lecture and nowhere else. It is your responisibility to attend lecture regularly and pay attention.

Course Outline


At least one of:

Course Materials

Note that the textbook is useful, but not required. We provide extensive lecture notes, example code, and programming exercises on the course web site.


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